Wednesday, August 21, 2013

so lets be real...

How often do you get stuck in a skincare regime, with no understanding of why you are using certain products?
Maybe a friend recommended you a moisturizer or face wash since it worked well for them, BUT have you possibly considered its not the best for you?

We all are our own people, hence we all have our own and different skin care needs.

All I hear over and over is, "I have oily skin." Um... no you just have dehydrated skin. I'm often working with people who claim to be "oily" when they are clearly dry
This is because so many people are using the wrong skincare products! Many people who think they have oily skin, are obviously using products to compensate for oily skin. These products will claim to be "oil free" or specifically say, "for oily skin types." 

The huge problem with all this, is that most of the time your "oily" skin, is actually DRY, and your natural oils are overproducing themselves to make up for the lack of moisture that your skin doesn't have. 
Point is, if you keep using "oil free" products, and ignore the moisturizer because you think you don't need it, then your just going to end up a huge grease ball with future wrinkles!

HOW do you solve this issue?
It's actually quite simple. Get a skincare consultation with either an esthetician, or a skincare specialist, and find products that are right for you! 
Also please, please, please stay hydrated! Drink water consistently. Without water, your dehydrated skin and the excess of sebum (skins oil) will start to get dry in the pores, and can cause acne, Gross!

*On a real note: Some people may actually have OILY skin. This is why it is so important to have a consultation with someone who knows what they are talking about, not your friend who thinks her products will work on you.


1. Cleanse the face! 
(clarisonic, or not, just make sure to wash the skin clean)
2. Serum
Apply serum all over, little goes a long ways. The serum will help absorb any products that will be layered on top.
lather that baby on all over.
Daytime:Use SPF
Nighttime:NO SPF
4. Eye Cream
Applied all around eye area.

*Use SPF only during the daytime, SPF should not be used at night. Yes, that means you may need to buy 2 different moisturizers and eye creams.
IF you think this is too much too do, then have fun being wrinkly, and gross in the future. Take care of your skin asap in order to maintain a youthful appearance. 

*TIP: Use a facial wipe prior to cleansing the skin, especially if you are using a clarisonic. This will remove majority of makeup, and help prep the skin for the cleansing portion.

*Another great tip: How could I forget? EXFOLIATE! but only exfoliate with a scrub 1-3 times a week, depending on your skin type, and thickness of your skin.

There you have it! Your basic skincare regime and a little skincare knowledge for you to wrap your heads around. Remember to get the right skincare products for you! Dry, oily, or combo, you will all follow a similar regime, but with different products depending on your skin type!

Oh! And you can all thank me in your later years when you have glowing skin...
your welcome. ;)



  1. Loads of great tips in here! You are so right about not wearing SPF at night though! Also it is sooo important to stay hydrated!

    Lorraine x

    1. Thank you! & yes It's so important to take care of our skin!
      Thanks for reading;)