Wednesday, August 21, 2013

so lets be real...

How often do you get stuck in a skincare regime, with no understanding of why you are using certain products?
Maybe a friend recommended you a moisturizer or face wash since it worked well for them, BUT have you possibly considered its not the best for you?

We all are our own people, hence we all have our own and different skin care needs.

All I hear over and over is, "I have oily skin." Um... no you just have dehydrated skin. I'm often working with people who claim to be "oily" when they are clearly dry
This is because so many people are using the wrong skincare products! Many people who think they have oily skin, are obviously using products to compensate for oily skin. These products will claim to be "oil free" or specifically say, "for oily skin types." 

The huge problem with all this, is that most of the time your "oily" skin, is actually DRY, and your natural oils are overproducing themselves to make up for the lack of moisture that your skin doesn't have. 
Point is, if you keep using "oil free" products, and ignore the moisturizer because you think you don't need it, then your just going to end up a huge grease ball with future wrinkles!

HOW do you solve this issue?
It's actually quite simple. Get a skincare consultation with either an esthetician, or a skincare specialist, and find products that are right for you! 
Also please, please, please stay hydrated! Drink water consistently. Without water, your dehydrated skin and the excess of sebum (skins oil) will start to get dry in the pores, and can cause acne, Gross!

*On a real note: Some people may actually have OILY skin. This is why it is so important to have a consultation with someone who knows what they are talking about, not your friend who thinks her products will work on you.


1. Cleanse the face! 
(clarisonic, or not, just make sure to wash the skin clean)
2. Serum
Apply serum all over, little goes a long ways. The serum will help absorb any products that will be layered on top.
lather that baby on all over.
Daytime:Use SPF
Nighttime:NO SPF
4. Eye Cream
Applied all around eye area.

*Use SPF only during the daytime, SPF should not be used at night. Yes, that means you may need to buy 2 different moisturizers and eye creams.
IF you think this is too much too do, then have fun being wrinkly, and gross in the future. Take care of your skin asap in order to maintain a youthful appearance. 

*TIP: Use a facial wipe prior to cleansing the skin, especially if you are using a clarisonic. This will remove majority of makeup, and help prep the skin for the cleansing portion.

*Another great tip: How could I forget? EXFOLIATE! but only exfoliate with a scrub 1-3 times a week, depending on your skin type, and thickness of your skin.

There you have it! Your basic skincare regime and a little skincare knowledge for you to wrap your heads around. Remember to get the right skincare products for you! Dry, oily, or combo, you will all follow a similar regime, but with different products depending on your skin type!

Oh! And you can all thank me in your later years when you have glowing skin...
your welcome. ;)


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

so lets be real...

Its summertime and noone wants to wear heavy full face makeup all day. Its time to narrow down to the pure essentials of whats needed this summer, and what needs to get lost!

Here it goes: SKIN!
Skin! Skin! Skin! You could be sporting the most dreadful outfit and hairdo, but if your skin looks bomb then so do you! I don't mean any of that heavy garbage you are currently wearing, or what you wear when you go out to the club, but im talking about an EVERYDAY coverage!

1. Tinted moisturizer OR BB cream

All you need. bam! A sheer everyday lightweight coverage to hide slight imperfects and/or redness.
SPF should be included if it's any decent formula, and this will be good protection from the summertime sun! Tinted moisturizers can have anything from SPF 15+, while any legit BB Cream should have atleast SPF 35.

No need for powder, you will look like a cake face! If you didn't already know, its all about the DEWY look this season!

***It's that "I didn't try, but I actually really did try to look like im naturally this flawless" look.

So now we have "naturally" perfect skin, what's next you ask? WELL, let me tell you about something...

2. MASCARA (Preferably waterproof)

To open up your eyes and give a more "natural" beautified look, you are going to skip the eyeshadow and slap on some mascara. Straight up some good mascara at that. For summertime I personally reccommend waterproof for obvious reasons: no mascara flakes throughout the day, no worrying if it sweats off, and just the overall comfort of knowing its going to stay all day long!

HINT: To all you beautiful gals who complain about waterproof mascara "not coming off" need a better makeup remover. Try something oil-based, let it soak on the lash with cotton and then wipe away!

PLEASE look at the brush before purchasing a mascara! Summer is all about the "natural" look, so we want to ENHANCE our lashes, not create crusty spider looking ones!
To do this you will need to use a mascara with a plastic mascara brush, or atleast firm bristles that aren't too fluffy.
Done & done.

So, we already look hot with our clean skin, and flirty lashes, time to spice it up!

3. Lipstick

You are probably about to run away at this point, but before you do you must consider that lipstick does not have to be bright red, or neon orange. Bold and bright colors are most certainly in for this season, and I would highly encourage it with our look so far, but otherwise there is always the more natural route to take. A hint of pink or mauve or anything that enhances your natural lip color will make the lips appear more healthy and juicy!

Heck, if you absolutly hate lipstick, then for heaven's sake please wear some burt's bees or chapstick to save us from your crusty lips! Any chapstick with SPF is ideal for summertime and can preserve a healthier lip appearance!

The skin is clean and dewy, lashes on point, and lips soft and supple. OK so here is where we start to get real savvy.

4. Bronzer

White is out, bronze is in! Im not suggesting that you start tanning bed sessions, or oil your body down for the sun, this isn't a call for skin cancer, all im saying is that we need to add bronzer!

Where do we add bronzer? EVERYWHERE!
Literally. We will add bronzer everywhere.
Bronzer comes in many forms such as: powder, liquid, creme, and gels. Preferably for the face use a powder, anything else may come out splotchy. With a fluffy brush, you typically want to apply bronzer to cheeks, forehead, and jawline. Bronzer has NO RULES. apply anywhere you please.

(*For all you savvy make up gals: Bronzing doesnt always mean coutouring- we can get into the technical stuff in an upcoming blog)

For body bronzing, ANY bronzer of your preference will work. I prefer a liquid or lotion body bronzer myself, but any formula will do!
Let's be real, life is better when your tan (Even if its fake).

TIP: Tan or not this summer, PLEASE moisturize your body daily! No one likes dry, scaly skin, it's not cute. Also it will help keep your tan longer, and prevent you from getting future wrinkles sooner. Keep your body hydrated, End of Story.

5.  The Messy Bun & The Braid

Cheers to the messy bun! The quickest and cutest hairstyle that can be worn many different ways.
Especially with summer here, a messy bun is the ultimate way to get hair up and out of the face!

The technique to a Messy bun, can be any way that works for you! Some people twist the hair in a loose coil and wrap it around to create the desired look, others will literally scrunch all the hair in one ball and use a hair tie OR bobby pins to in it in place.

The method all depends on your hair length and hair texture, so play around and do what works best for you!

The messy bun can be worn on the top of the head, middle, or as a low chic messy bun. A classic high messy bun is cute for running errands, going for coffee, or just hanging out!
My personal favorite: A low messy bun, which looks great for going out at night, dinner, or can be worn for an every day look as well.

To achieve a soft look with this hairdo, pull out baby hairs around the face to help frame my face shape.

Oh im sorry, the messy bun isn't glamourous enough for you?
Try a clean top not bun or a sock bun for a trend setting look.
These are so easy to do, and tutorials can be found on youtube.

IF you're not feeling 100% comfy with your hair up, then i'll let you in on a tread setting secret...The braid is back, but this time its back messy and loose!

This season, the hairstyle is beach inspired. Messy and loose is in! In addition to the messy bun, try a messy braid for size. Braid straight back, or braid to the side of one shoulder. Make sure the braid is not tight, loosly pull the pieces together, and bobby pin if needed. Again, pull out baby hairs or bangs around the face to soften the look.

There you have it Ladies, YOUR TOP 5 SUMMER ESSENTIALS!

Just remember to stay "Natural" (wink wink!)


Monday, July 8, 2013

so lets be real...

How many times a day do you lather yourself with moisturizer, sunblock, lotion, and deodorant? How often are we applying makeup and hair products?
AND Please tell me you are washing your hands on the daily!

We are all doing atleast one of these things everyday (unless your gross), and we should also all be aware of what we are REALLY putting into our bodies...

First off, let me start by saying I purchased CeraVe Moisturizing cream, which was reccomended to me by my dermatologist. After purchasing this cream from my dermatologists' office I was so excited to use, and try this new product to counteract my dry skin.

I used this product for a few weeks, until i started reading the ingredients.....

You bet I was thrilled to find that this "amazing" and "dermatologist reccomended" cream contained cancer causing compounds! Umm, If i wanted to saturate my skin with Parabens, I would have gone to the local drug store.

One of the "Claims" of the CeraVe cream is to "penetrate deep into the skin..." NO THANK YOU!

The bottom line is that we need to be more aware of our everyday essentials.
What we think is helping us prevent wrinkles, germs, and persperation, could also be builiding us a yellow brick road to cancer.

So you don't agree?
You should probably know that during a study in 2004, there were five different parabens found in 19 out of 20 women who had breast cancer tumors.

Also 99% of breast cancer tissue contains these lovely preservatives, we now know as parabens.
(This comes into effect with deodorants, did you ever THINK of how close your armpits and breasts are to one another??)
Do you really want to take that possible risk of harming your future health?

DON'T BE FOOLED, these preservatives have a variety of names, but all come from the same derivative.

If you want to live a more content life, I would advise spending the extra $5 on a natural product.

SO next time you pick up a new moisturizer or SPF just remember: