Monday, July 8, 2013

so lets be real...

How many times a day do you lather yourself with moisturizer, sunblock, lotion, and deodorant? How often are we applying makeup and hair products?
AND Please tell me you are washing your hands on the daily!

We are all doing atleast one of these things everyday (unless your gross), and we should also all be aware of what we are REALLY putting into our bodies...

First off, let me start by saying I purchased CeraVe Moisturizing cream, which was reccomended to me by my dermatologist. After purchasing this cream from my dermatologists' office I was so excited to use, and try this new product to counteract my dry skin.

I used this product for a few weeks, until i started reading the ingredients.....

You bet I was thrilled to find that this "amazing" and "dermatologist reccomended" cream contained cancer causing compounds! Umm, If i wanted to saturate my skin with Parabens, I would have gone to the local drug store.

One of the "Claims" of the CeraVe cream is to "penetrate deep into the skin..." NO THANK YOU!

The bottom line is that we need to be more aware of our everyday essentials.
What we think is helping us prevent wrinkles, germs, and persperation, could also be builiding us a yellow brick road to cancer.

So you don't agree?
You should probably know that during a study in 2004, there were five different parabens found in 19 out of 20 women who had breast cancer tumors.

Also 99% of breast cancer tissue contains these lovely preservatives, we now know as parabens.
(This comes into effect with deodorants, did you ever THINK of how close your armpits and breasts are to one another??)
Do you really want to take that possible risk of harming your future health?

DON'T BE FOOLED, these preservatives have a variety of names, but all come from the same derivative.

If you want to live a more content life, I would advise spending the extra $5 on a natural product.

SO next time you pick up a new moisturizer or SPF just remember:



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